Photo essay: Let’s G.O! Sunflower families Get Outside

C&NNHave you explored the natural areas in your community? What sorts of wildlife might you see if you spent an hour or more looking and listening?

Yesterday, about 25 people joined Sunflower at a Let’s G.O! (Get Outside) event presented in conjunction with Children & Nature Network. The families met at Green Cay Nature Center for a walk and scavenger hunt.

Armed with notebooks, pencils and photos of animals to hunt for, children and their parents set out. Some had been to Green Cay many times, and for others it was their first visit.

Here’s a glimpse at what they discovered:

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© Victoria Green and Sunflower Creative Arts, 2012

8 thoughts on “Photo essay: Let’s G.O! Sunflower families Get Outside

  1. A wonderful opportunity to view nature. I especially loved the pictures of the baby alligators and the mother Red-wing Blackbirds feeding those wide-open mouths! Looks like the children enjoyed it,too.

    • One thing I’ve learned is that when you see a photographer with a BIG camera, stop to ask what they’re watching. Most of them are very friendly. Some of them come to the wetlands every day, so they can tell you a lot about the animals: how old they are, how many babies there are, and so forth. The kids and I both love to hear their stories.

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